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How to Use Instagram for Marketing

Instagram is unique among the social media platforms in that it mainly focuses on pictures and visual content. While Twitter primarily uses text, and Facebook tries to incorporate as much as they can into their newsfeed, Instagram’s main focus is photos, and now, short videos. Social media marketers must approach Instagram marketing keeping in mind how visually orientated the platform is. The following are 3 tips for getting started marketing through Instagram presented by C&I Studios in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Tip 1: A picture is worth 1,000 words

The first tip may seem obvious: Instagram is a photo sharing platform, so it stands to reason extra care and attention should be placed on whatever photo you share. However, before you go spending all your time shooting and editing photos, keep in mind the particulars of the formatting Instagram users. For starters, the photo ratio of Instagram works better with square photos then it does with landscape photos. You do have resizing options with Instagram, however, photos that are too vertical or horizontal may not fit properly into Instagram’s photo frame. Keep in mind the use of Instagram filters as well. An ordinary photo can have some cool effects added simply by selecting one of Instagram’s preprogrammed filters.

Tip 2: Use videos and Instagram stories for even more ways to engage.

Instagram offers more ways to engage than just static photos and text. Much like Facebook, you can post videos that appear right in a user’s feed. These videos stand out from the pack and is a great way to attract attention even in a crowded newsfeed. But it doesn’t stop there. Instagram has a newly introduced feature called Stories, that allow you to add a sequence of photos or short videos that will appear right at the top of people’s feeds. These stories are meant to disappear in a day, similar to how Snapchat works. Because of these stories position in the top of the news feed, they have high visibility. In fact, since its introduction, the Instagram Story feature has become an immediate hit, even enough to rival Snapchat. Much like the photo filters Instagram offers, there are additional editing tools, such as placing test in videos, which give you more usability and ways to be creative.

Tip 3:  Don’t forget to add a link!

Instagram marketing is more than just increasing your followers; you can use it to get real world conversions. To do this, make sure to add a link that will funnel users directly to where you want them to go, whether it be a landing page, sign up form, or just your website. One easy way to do this is used place the link in your Instagram bio section. This way you can use multiple pictures to advertise the same link. One thing you can do to make your links more attractive is to use an URL shorten to condense the link so it doesn’t look like a string of text. Likewise, links can be placed in the video description, or as a follow-up comment in your video posting. Never underestimate the power of a strategically placed link. Overall, remember that with Instagram the use is all on smartphones. So make sure that all the links you include go to a page that is optimized for mobile viewing.

Instagram is a sometimes overlooked social marketing tool. However, the Instagram user base has continued to grow, and they have been able to avoid losing users with the additional of new features like Instagram Story. A successful social media strategy will involve using as many channels as you can to reach users!