Conversion Optimization Techniques

Your website’s primary job is to convince visitors to engage with your business. The ultimate goal is to increase your revenue. Therefore, it makes no sense to invest a considerable amount of time and money on new visitors who don’t become customers.

You always want to start by analyzing the most visited pages on your website. Pages where people purchase items, sign up for memberships and ask for tips or any other questions should also be very targeted. Following an in-depth analysis, you’ll want to construct a conversion optimization plan. From there you’ll implement the process of optimizing, testing and measurement – also known as split testing. As well as A/B testing.

Hopefully, you are doing your best to drive relevant, quality visitors to your website, but you also should ensure everything is working correctly on your site to convert visitors to customers each and every time.

Conversion rate optimization will help you change visitors into leads. Also, you don’t want to forget to implement a proper organic SEO strategy to send quality signals to search engines so that people stick around on and ensure more conversions translates into more profit.

Being a leading name in the Washington, D.C. digital marketing industry, Direction Inc. is a company that stands out. They single-mindedly aim to provide companies with a leg-up over market contenders online. They do this through tailored services for digital marketing that are strategically created to boost conversion of visitors and generate revenue for your business at incredible rates.

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Attracting new visitors to your website is a struggle almost every new business owner faces. Therefore, you need to headhunt conversion rate optimization experts who work specifically to elaborate fieldwork analysis of your business niche. These experts optimize your on-site conversion. Keep in mind your revenue goals and current conversion statistics, then come up with the most efficient and optimized program to deliver the desired results.

To have your web presence fully optimized, search for a team of highly knowledgeable conversion rate optimization experts. They will be able to track down all the variables responsible for internet traffic and incoming leads. Once found, have them optimize any non-converting pages through a sophisticated and insightful conversion rate optimization program.

Through a holistic approach, complete knowledge of business dynamics and extensive experience, you can implement just a few key differentiators and stand apart from the competition. During your growing process, find and test techniques which have been proven to work. Once you discover an exemplary methodology that directly translates to an increase in targeted traffic on your specific landing pages, and improves your businesses bottom line – you’ll be set to grow even more and dominate your market.

If you happen to find conversion rate optimization services that will get to the heart of your business objectives, and help you establish a simple strategy to ensure maximum conversions; you’ve found marketing gold. Innovative companies should always use a/b testing, personalization, analytics tools and methods that will provide you with high conversion rates.

Overall, take the necessary steps to ensure that website does not fail to close sales. If you do so, you risk throwing away money and giving all the business to your competitors. By removing opportunities or excuses for consumers to take their business to your competition, conversion rate optimization specialists assess your websites process and compares it against research that outlines your target audivence’s unique needs and spending behavior.

Do your research to find the digital marketing services to make data-driven improvements to your conversion process. Start to make improvements today, no matter how small to increase your conversion rates, and you will begin to your bottom line grow.

Importance of Engaging With People on Your Website Through Pictures And Infographics

Many People risk losing their site visitors despite the high quality and the value of their site content. If your site visitors are not engaging with your website, that means, your site is not providing any cost or benefit, which automatically defeats the purpose of your site. Every website owner needs to ensure that their website visitors’ are adequately engaged because therein lies the path to sustained visitor return rate.
Humans are visual beings. The psychologist, Albert Mehrabian once said that 93% of all communication is nonverbal. He believed that what we see has a profound effect on what we do, how we feel, and who we are. The implication here is that how you use graphics significantly affect how much people come and stay on your site.

What are Infographics?
Infographics are the creative and illustrative depiction of what you are trying to convey. Creatives and infographics include elements like charts, colors, images and graphs. They all tell your story so that the target audience can easily understand you.

Website Engagement with conversion optimization
Yes, getting people to visit your site is essential, it isn’t the key to building a tremendous go-to website. “Content is king” is a favorite and overused phrase, but if the content is what gets you noticed, engagement is what announces that you are here to stay – convincing website visitors to settle down and enjoy what you have to offer.

Infographics and Website Engagement

The Internet is a visual platform, so it isn’t surprising that infographics can reach millions and keep them adequately engaged. According to Bell Pottinger, a marketing company, 2013 had a 55% increase in business budgets for digital items like infographics.
It is therefore essential for smart website owners to find out why infographics and pictures are so relevant when it comes to engaging site visitors.
Importance of Engaging Website Visitors through Pictures and Infographics

• Digital Marketing incorporates the human factor with Infographics
Humans now generally have less attention span. Infographics combat this by matching text with visuals in the right proportion because visuals take less time and mental energy to process. Website infographics and picture contents are often used to explain difficult concepts and assist people in making decisions. Also, Infographics often appeal to one’s emotions.

• It is a confirmed attention grabber
A very popular saying goes thus; “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Pictures and infographic create the first impression, captures the attention and engages your visitor to read and participate in what you’ve got going on, on your site. A great picture and infographic with the proper ratio of text to visuals could richly determine the impression and reach of your content.

• It increases visitor return rate
This is one of the most significant importance of infographics and pictures to website engagement. Nielson/Norman Group estimates that the average page visit lasts under a minute. Unless you grab the visitor’s interest, such visitor will only take a look at your page and move on to the next site.
Website visitors usually browse the internet for information and news. Utilizing visual representation of data means your site visitors can skim your infographic, get the information required and then stay a bit longer to check out what else you have to offer, or may they may even bookmark your site for later use.

• It is an important determinant of viral content with long lifespan
An excellent infographic or picture could be re-shared for years after its creation. The high readability and the visual attractiveness of infographics make them accessible to a larger pool of people and more likely to be shared.

According to recent research, a single infographic has the potential to reach as many as 15 million Internet users.
Effective site engagement is more than just an aesthetically pleasing website. Website owners must consider all aspects of the infographic and picture content, from the color and screen resolution to accessibility requirements, to excite, inspire and most importantly, engage their site visitors.

4 Major Aspects To Consider For AC Repair Services in Bluffton, SC

Do you live in Bluffton, SC and own an air conditioner?

Destructive floods and rodent infestation cause serious damages to air conditioning systems. These situations bring about the need to hire reliable AC repair Bluffton SC. If you did AC installation on your own, finding a credible and experienced AC technician may be challenging.

In order to identify the right ac repair Bluffton SC, one needs criteria for evaluation. Armed with the right knowledge, you’ll avoid getting conned and get value for money.

Learn what you need to consider when seeking for AC repair Bluffton SC.

1. Repair versus Upgrading costs

If you’re dealing with severe AC damages, one thing that’s probably unavoidable is high repair costs. It’s costly to replace dehumidifiers and thermostats, especially in commercial buildings. In addition to replacing faulty components, one also needs a plumber to replace the pipes after the AC repair.

Nowadays, various electronic manufacturers are steadily releasing low-energy consumption air conditioning systems priced competitively. Rather than spend thousands of dollars on repairing an AC that’s on its last leg, you’ll save much more by replacing it with a new one.

2. Condition of the AC unit

There are two major advantages of purchasing a brand new AC unit. Unlike a second-hand buyer, you receive a warranty that assures you of free repairs as provided by the manufacturer’s terms and conditions. In addition to the warranty, the buyer is confident that they can use the new AC system for at least a decade.

On the other hand, purchasing a second-hand AC unit comes with a share of uncertainties. If the AC system is more than 5 years old, you’ll spend a significant sum of money replacing aged components. Your AC repair Bluffton SC may recommend purchasing a new AC if your system belongs to a past decade.

3. Company’s Reputation

As a rational customer, it’s your duty to perform due diligence before hiring AC repair Bluffton SC. You can check out the business’ reputation by running the website through ScamAdvisor. Here, you can view reviews posted by previous customers. In addition, you can type the company’s name followed by the word “reviews”.

After obtaining the company’s telephone number, make a phone call and book an appointment. Visiting the premises will give you an up-close feel of the staff’s attitude and whether they’re adequately equipped to handle your Augusta Air Conditioner repairs.

4. AC Technician’s availability

It’s advisable to look for AC repair Bluffton SC, that’s available on weekends and public holidays. The unpredictable nature of AC breakdowns calls for reliable and swift technical support. A good technician shows up on time because he or she understands the inconvenience clients go through due to AC system breakdowns


Using the tips described above will enable you to get value for money. Feel free to use Google or your local phone directory to get in touch with the local AC repair Bluffton SC experts near you.

Thanks for reading this article. We are ready to hear your responses and answer any questions on AC repair Bluffton SC . Feel free to post them in the Comments section below.

How to get the best deals for a Honda Accord

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The new Honda Accord has come with several improved features. These features include a push to start button, a high intelligent Multi-Information Display screen that features call displays, texts and music and Earth Dreams Technology that helps you improve the efficiency and performance of your vehicle. The car also comes installed with LED fog lights that will enhance your visibility in low light situations. The last new feature is a parking sensor that prevents you from bumping into cars when parking.

Getting a Honda Accord Lease would be a good deal if you are planning on using the car for some time without gaining equity on the vehicle. Here are several steps for getting the best Honda Accord Lease deals.

Check Leasing deals

After finding out what your lease will involve, you should try and find out the special deals that are being offered on the Honda Accord. Several dealers will provide low deals depending on whether they want to move their cars out of the sales yard. This is a great opportunity for you to find a deal that suits your financial needs. A good Honda Accord lease deal will have a cheap down payment value and have acceptable monthly payments. The dealer is also likely to give you a reasonable mileage cap above ten thousand miles.

Find out the Value of the Car

When leasing any vehicle, it is crucial that you find out the value of the car you intend to lease. Having a rough estimate of the car’s value will help you negotiate effectively. You will be able to get a lease deal that is not exaggerated.

Compare various quotes

Another essential step is comparing the different prices being offered by various dealers. However, it is crucial to note that not all low prices translate to good deals. A good deal might have a higher rate depending on how much the dealer bought the car from the manufacturer and the new features that the car comes with. It is advisable to compare all these factors as you decide on which Honda Accord lease to take.

Come up with a Payment Plan

After deciding the plan that you’re comfortable with, you should then come up with a payment plan that does not put a financial strain on you. The payment plan features a down payment and monthly deposits. It is better to offset the balance with a large down payment and pay lesser monthly installments. However, if this is not achievable, your sales representative will be able to come up with a plan that is comfortable for you.

Review the Paperwork and close the deal

After coming up with a deal, you should go over the paperwork once more to make sure that everything makes sense. In case there are any discrepancies, be sure to raise these with your sales agent. The sales agent should clarify any amendments.

Enjoy the Honda Accord

After finalizing the deal, you can now get behind the wheel of your Honda Accord. However, remember to maintain the terms of the deal. These conditions will include proper maintenance of the exterior and interior of the car as well as timely payments of your monthly installments.

How to Find Best Concrete Asphalt Paving Frederick Contractors

Regardless of the size or nature of your asphalt paving project, you will need to do your due diligence to find the best asphalt paving contractor in Frederick for your project. As undertaking an asphalt paving project is not a cheap process, you will certainly want to get the best value for your money. You can achieve this by working with an experienced and honest asphalt paving company. Here are some useful tips that will help you choose your asphalt paving contractor in Frederick MD.

  • Asphalt paving contractors in Frederick charge almost the same fees for asphalt paving. The cost varies slightly from one contractor to the other. This also applies to the quality of the work delivered. Before you finalize your choice of paving contractor, try to get quotations from different contractors. As much as the cost is an important factor, do not base your final decision on it. Other factors should also be allowed to determine your final decision.
  • When shopping around for asphalt paving quotations in Frederick ensure that the contractor provides detailed information such as the thickness of the asphalt layer and costs of labor.
  • Make sure that your contractor is fully licensed and insured. You certainly do not want to face unnecessary liability issues just because you have not been cautious while selecting your asphalt paving contractor.
  • Do your homework before hiring an asphalt paving contractor in Frederick. Ask for people they have worked for. Use this information to understand the reputation of the people you are about to hire. This will save you from unnecessary disappointment at a later stage. If you get good news from the referees, you will know you are hiring a contractor with good experience and will meet your standards more effectively.
  • You should also make certain that your asphalt contractor is ready to sign written contracts for the job stating the deliverables and the duration of the work. If they are trying to evade written contracts, then it is an indication that you should look for an alternative contractor.
  • Do not rush to pick your asphalt paving contractor. Waiting until you are under pressure to pick a contractor will make you make bad decisions. Take your time and come up with a good decision for both the contractor and you.
  • Does your asphalt paving contractor own all the required paving equipment to deliver the best quality work? It is important to make use of the latest equipment available in the paving industry. Lack of appropriate equipment will result in poor quality work. You should not, therefore, make it a point to ensure that you are dealing with a company that is well equipped.


If you are dealing with a reputed company, meeting all the requirements will certainly not be a problem for your contractor. Many times, unscrupulous contractors try to take advantage of the ignorance of their customers. Therefore, it is up to you to find the best service provider in the region so that the driveways or the other asphalt installations last long.

How Augusta Heating and Air Conditioning Service Can Improve Your Home’s Comfort

During winter, whenever the weather conditions turn chilly you close your house to avoid the cold. Closing your house leads to stagnant air getting trapped inside the house. Indoor heating and air conditioning units such as humidifiers, dehumidifiers, ventilators and air purifiers can help solve this problem by eliminating the polluted air. This will improve your indoor comfort and can be done with a single installation. Here are a few ways you can benefit from having Augusta Heating and Air Conditioning quality products in your house: Read more “How Augusta Heating and Air Conditioning Service Can Improve Your Home’s Comfort”

How to Use Instagram for Marketing

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Instagram is unique among the social media platforms in that it mainly focuses on pictures and visual content. While Twitter primarily uses text, and Facebook tries to incorporate as much as they can into their newsfeed, Instagram’s main focus is photos, and now, short videos. Social media marketers must approach Instagram marketing keeping in mind how visually orientated the platform is. The following are 3 tips for getting started marketing through Instagram presented by C&I Studios in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Tip 1: A picture is worth 1,000 words

The first tip may seem obvious: Instagram is a photo sharing platform, so it stands to reason extra care and attention should be placed on whatever photo you share. However, before you go spending all your time shooting and editing photos, keep in mind the particulars of the formatting Instagram users. For starters, the photo ratio of Instagram works better with square photos then it does with landscape photos. You do have resizing options with Instagram, however, photos that are too vertical or horizontal may not fit properly into Instagram’s photo frame. Keep in mind the use of Instagram filters as well. An ordinary photo can have some cool effects added simply by selecting one of Instagram’s preprogrammed filters.

Tip 2: Use videos and Instagram stories for even more ways to engage.

Instagram offers more ways to engage than just static photos and text. Much like Facebook, you can post videos that appear right in a user’s feed. These videos stand out from the pack and is a great way to attract attention even in a crowded newsfeed. But it doesn’t stop there. Instagram has a newly introduced feature called Stories, that allow you to add a sequence of photos or short videos that will appear right at the top of people’s feeds. These stories are meant to disappear in a day, similar to how Snapchat works. Because of these stories position in the top of the news feed, they have high visibility. In fact, since its introduction, the Instagram Story feature has become an immediate hit, even enough to rival Snapchat. Much like the photo filters Instagram offers, there are additional editing tools, such as placing test in videos, which give you more usability and ways to be creative.

Tip 3:  Don’t forget to add a link!

Instagram marketing is more than just increasing your followers; you can use it to get real world conversions. To do this, make sure to add a link that will funnel users directly to where you want them to go, whether it be a landing page, sign up form, or just your website. One easy way to do this is used place the link in your Instagram bio section. This way you can use multiple pictures to advertise the same link. One thing you can do to make your links more attractive is to use an URL shorten to condense the link so it doesn’t look like a string of text. Likewise, links can be placed in the video description, or as a follow-up comment in your video posting. Never underestimate the power of a strategically placed link. Overall, remember that with Instagram the use is all on smartphones. So make sure that all the links you include go to a page that is optimized for mobile viewing.

Instagram is a sometimes overlooked social marketing tool. However, the Instagram user base has continued to grow, and they have been able to avoid losing users with the additional of new features like Instagram Story. A successful social media strategy will involve using as many channels as you can to reach users!